Exciting Changes for 2022

Exciting Changes for 2022

    Phancy Photo Booth continues to be the Mid-South leader  for new and exciting innovations in event activities. Wow your guests with our exclusive edible helium balloons, custom temporary tattoos, and mosaic photo boards!

    Edible helium balloons are a fun way to get the party going! Made from a proprietary candy,  the balloons are inflated with helium for guests to eat quickly and share the hilarious effect of helium on voices. Both the balloons and helium are safe for consumption and add a sweet, delicious, and funny way to kick off an event. Edible helium balloons are perfect for children and teen parties, proms, graduation events, or to liven up a corporate gathering or wedding!


    Phancy Photo Booth is excited to introduce the ULTIMATE interactive photo booth experience for a special event: The Mosaic Photo Booth! The Mosaic Photo Booth creates a beautiful commemorative mosaic board using real time photos retrieved from your photo booth.

    Stand up close to the board and you see the individual photos of your guests. From further back, a beautiful mosaic is revealed. Guests simply take photos in the photo booth and receive a sticker photo to place on a mapped location on the mosaic board. Throughout the event, guests add their photos and the mosaic is gradually revealed. This creates a special keepsake especially suitable for a wedding, graduation, milestone anniversary or birthday.

    Want your event to leave a literal, yet temporary impression on your guests? How about our custom temporary tattoos, created with your company logo, a wedding monogram, or other specialized graphics? Our temporary tattoos are made with certified, cosmetic-grade ink and are painless (and waterless!) to apply. The tattoos apply in seconds, yet can last up to two days, and are waterproof until ready to remove.  A Phancy Photo Booth team member simply primes the tattoo location and rubs the tattoo device gently over the skin to create your unique design. Our temporary tattoos are safe, easy to apply, and a fun way to commemorate your event.


    To book the Mosaic Photo Booth experience, or any other of our unique services, contact us at cathy@phancyphoto.wwwmi3-tr1.supercp.com or 901-517-1808. We look forward to bringing phun to your event soon!


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